Dear helpers,

If you are reading this, it means that I didn’t make it back to the Pieterskerk (Leiden) in time. I’ve discovered a secret that has great historical significance that I want to share only with you. I’ve taken precautions to keep the secret safe, but I’ve left you clues so that you can find it.

This story begins with the history of the Pilgrims, the first colonists of America. They began as a group of English puritans, radical Protestant Christians, who wanted separation of church and state.  They did not recognize the Church of England – the only religion permitted in England at the time – and did not accept the king as the head of the church.

Queen Elizabeth I saw the group of puritans as a danger to her power over the church and made a law that allowed the puritans to be banished. Her successor, King James I even wanted to impose the death penalty on this law. Therefore in 1609 the group of puritans, under the leadership of pastor John Robinson and his right-hand William Brewster, fled England and came to the Netherlands.

They came to Leiden and bought land near the Pieterskerk where they successfully rebuilt their community under the leadership of John Robinson. In 1620 unrest began to grow, and a group of the Pilgrims left the Netherlands for a new promised land: America. Robinson remained with his family in Leiden.  When he died, he was buried in the Pieterskerk.

Not long ago, I found an old piece of parchment on a dusty shelf in the archives of Pieterskerk. Over the past few months I have deciphered and translated the text, and it has now become clear to me why the Pilgrims fled England. This document, which was found in the grave of pastor John Robinson, is an original parchment from the time of Jesus Christ. It contains statements that Jesus made and will dramatically shake-up the entire Christian faith.

Scientists have long known that the so-called “Holy Grail” is not a golden cup or chalice, but a document of great significance.  The parchment that I found here in the Pieterskerk is the Holy Grail!

In the past few days, I have been followed as I walk in Leiden: there are others who know about the secret of the Pieterskerk and suspect that I have found it. Therefore, I’ve carefully hidden the parchment in my office for safekeeping.

I trust that you can find and secure the document.  Please act quickly!

Yours sincerely,

Ward Hopkooper
curator Pieterskerk

The Mayflower Escaperoom is temporarily closed